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We maximise the potential of unique students and break through barriers to education.

Our schools and professionals embrace technology to ignite the full capability of our next generation.

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Integrates with your MIS

Save time with automation

Monitoring made simple

Central location for key information

Easy data collection

Distributed case management

Decrease Workload

Timely response to SEN reduces cost

Integrated case management online

Record data only once

Organise & format

Auto-build education plans & reviews

• Share via secure invite
• Simple to navigate
• Communicate deep analysis easily  

Spend your time on impact not admin

Enhance your capability
transform the lives of your pupils

SENDit works hard so you can focus on what really matters

Modernise your SEND system, simplify information management and streamline evidence collection. You'll boost capacity and wield powerful automated tools at your fingertips.

SEN identified in your school
Hours a month
saved per school
Confidence in EHCP Assessment Requests

How Do We Help?

Our features have been developed by SENCOs for SENCOs to make real-world impact

How Does It Help?

Create Student Profiles
Creates a Digital Library During On-Boarding Process
  • Screens students into cohorts of SEN Support, EHCP, SEN Screening & more
  • Offers guidance from the Code of Practice to mentor users
  • Builds iPlans™ based on strengths and led by aspirations
  • Produces SMART Outcomes with associated SMART short-term targets
  • Ensures all Outcomes have provision planned for and statements are sourced to the level of expertise
  • Tailored log-ins for SENCO Project Leader, teaching staff, parents & students
Review & Monitor Evidence
Automates and Mentors the user to quickly answer:
  • Do you know enough about the CYP's needs?
  • Are the reasonable adjustments robust for all your students with disability?
  • Are the educational needs of Children Looked After with SEN being planned for collaboratively?
  • Is the Needs picture holistic and specific?
  • Are their difficulties meeting criteria for SEN status?
  • Have their strengths been built on?
  • Do their aspirations lead the plan?
  • Have all specialists recommendations been actioned?
  • Has the provision had aspirational impact?
  • Have the range of assessments supported a robust identification of needs?
  • Are the Outcomes aspirational?
  • Are the Outcomes SMART?
  • How many Outcomes are being achieved & met?
  • Does the EHCP require an interim review?
  • Is a re-band for the EHCP a consideration?
  • Have we reached the decision point for a request for an EHCP needs assessment?
  • Are your reviewing the iPlan™ regularly enough?
Evaluate & Create Actions
Initiate - Plan - Review - Close - Control
  • Necessary SEN provision is identified
  • Gaps in SEN provision are identified
  • Gaps in Assessments are identified
  • Provision evaluated for impact & cost effectiveness
  • SEN plans are actioned - EHC & SEN Support Plans
  • Reviewing EHC and SEN Support Plans now effortless and robust
  • Impact of provision is easy, accurate and justified
  • Short-term targets are rigorously reviewed
  • The evaluation of Outcomes is easy
SENCOs can manage the graduated response to a child or young person’s difficulties with rigour.
See The Result
Low-cost, high-impact provision
  • Cost effective provision
  • Collaborative work is easy
  • Apply for high needs funding with minimal effort
  • Parent & carer participation is easy
  • Ofsted readiness for excellence
  • Quality Assured SEN Reporting
  • Improve aspirational outcomes
  • Prepare for adulthood
  • Legally compliant
  • Timely, effective commissioning of specialist input
  • Depth of information for purposeful provision
  • Roles and responsibilities are met
  • Effective staff contributions to SEN planning
  • Families & staff consider impact of SEN plan easily
  • Specialist recommendations immediately identified to all users

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SENDit provides all the information I need to populate my Local Authority forms; be they requests for assessments or annual review paperwork.  

This has been a game changer for time saving.

Caroline Ashworth
Deputy Head Teacher and SENCO, Rosegrove Infant School

''Helps me organise everything, makes my job easier.

Simple to present and analyse information about students and create reports.

Easy to deliver evidence in discussions with local authorities.     

Hard pushed to find a fault with it'''

SEND Consultant @gfreeman2012

"Just submitted my first EHC and got all of the info I needed from the software!

SENDit makes people consider the child more - knowing all of the needs and seeing all of the actions and outcomes per child. It’s really helped in getting teachers to think differently.''

Danielle SMith
SENCO - Holy Trinity

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