We are Impact Education Software

Our expert teams created an intuitive management system which SENCOs & teachers love to use.

It's making a difference to the practice and workload of educators nationally.

Resulting in cost effective & high impact provision based on evidence & collaboration to unlock the talent, aspirations and independence of 1,318,300+ unique SEN pupils in the UK.

We’re a software technology company, founded in June 2018 with a shared background in education, cyber security and government innovation projects.

Dedicated to giving time back to staff across the UK's 32,000 schools, we're passionate about providing a digital solution to the complexities of SEND systems, business proposals & processes.

We focus on the quality and intuitive usability of our products to inform and empower strategic planning.

Our story

January 2017
15 years after gaining her PGCE Monica took up post as a Local Authority SEND Officer. Her experience in both primary and secondary schools gave Monica a fuller awareness of the issues for front line staff managing the complexities of paper-led systems.

Deciding to work freelance to support schools in more depth, Monica was determined to look for a solution to effective provision planning.
June 2018
Impact Education Software was created. Monica had a team of people who were as committed as she was to develop a digital solution.
January 2019
After six months of development work, the first version of SENDiT was ready and local schools agreed to be our test cohort.
SENDiT is now the complete package. Embedded in schools across the country, we continue to respond to our clients' needs on the journey to become the leading SEND management tool in the UK.