Frequently Asked Questions

How can I try the software to see if it's right for us?
Good decision. It's as simple as getting in touch for a phone-call. Here at Impact Education Software we know that schools need to be confident they're making a savvy investment and the purchase of education tools will provide a positive return on investment for their organisation.

Every SENDiT licence includes a 4-week free trial before any payment is due. Simply contact us to make us aware of your interest, we'll get back in touch right away to organise a call for you with one of our personal client relationship managers and we'll get you started with the fully functioning free trial as soon as you're ready.

Its easy and pain free!
How many people from my organisation can log-in and use SENDiT's features?
An unlimited amount! You'll find it is super intuitive when you have a go on the free trial, and if not, our technical support team are always only a phone-call away and happy to help with any issue big or small.

There are different types of log-in profiles for different types of users. For instance, the lead SENCO will have unique adminstrator rights and total control of data privacy and all SENDiT features. Other SENCO log-ins will have similar access to all features, but can't create new SENCO profiles.

Teaching staff log-ins can interact with student records, add comments, evidence and documents; notably they can also log-in and get a full understanding of a student's SEN history, strengths and aspirations in order to tailor teaching style.

Additionally, parents and students can have profiles added at the discretion of the SENCO's to provide suitable amount of integration with the SEND process and increase collective understanding.

We give control to your school's SENCO leader and let them tailor SENDiT's power features to suit their needs best.
Will SENDiT really have a net-positive financial impact on my school?
Yes! Not only will you save lots of time, but SEN Co-ordination will become more effective & collaborative.

You'll eliminate need for expensive SEND Consultancy, and find that specialist support can be forecast & procured in a more cost-effective manner; building business cases for funding which are intuitive, evidence-rich and deliver greater success with less effort.

Identification of SEN will be 100% accurate and provision delivered at optimum cost-effectiveness, meaning you'll get the most possible impact for every pound spent.
Who developed SENDiT? There are so many features and it's so high-tech!
Contact us and find out!