Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything included in the price? What about updates? Hidden costs?
Yes everything is included in the price. You'll get updates for free, as soon as they are availible. No hidden charges for integrations, etc.
Can I try out the software to see if it's the right fit for us?
Every SENDiT licence includes a 4 week no commitment free trial before any payment is due.

Just let us know you're interested through our contact form and we'll get back in touch right away to organise everything with you.
How many users can use SENDit?
As many as you need.

There are different types of logins for different types of users. For instance, the lead SENCO will have unique adminstrator rights and total control of data privacy and all SENDit features. Other SENCO logins will have similar access to all features, but can't create new SENCO profiles.

Teaching staff logins can interact with student records, add comments, evidence and documents; notably they can also log-in and get a full understanding of a student's SEN history, strengths and aspirations in order to tailor teaching style.

Additionally, parents and students can have profiles added at the discretion of the SENCO's to keep everyone in the loop.

We give control to your school's SENCO leader and let them tailor SENDit's power features to suit their needs best.
Will SENDit have a net positive financial impact on my school?
Yes! Not only will you save lots of time, but SEN coordination will become more effective and collaborative.

You'll eliminate the need for expensive SEND Consultancy, and find that specialist support can be forecast & procured in a more cost-effective manner, building business cases for funding which are intuitive, evidence rich and deliver greater success with less effort.

You can maximise the impact of the money you spend.
Can I transfer a student to their next setting using SENDit?
If the setting the student is leaving for is also using SENDit, the process to transfer all of the their SEN history and documentation will only take a couple of minutes!

If the setting isn't using SENDit, it's just like your existing process.
Do I need to install anything? Can I access it from anywhere?
SENDit is cloud based. This means you can access it from anywhere and also means you can stay on the side of your IT team as they don't have another system to manage.
Do you provide training? Can you help with loading students into the system?
Of course, we can be as hands on or hands off as you'd like throughout the process.

Want someone to come in and help loads student profiles in at the beginning? Not a problem.
Want us to run a masterclass for staff members to start using the system? Not a problem.
Would you like a quick sanity check before an Ofsted inspection? Not a problem.