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Actioning an EHC Plan. One step at a time.

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Actioning an EHC Plan. One step at a time.
It's about so much more than advising the whole staff team that the child or young person ‘has an EHC plan’. It is a step-by-step process led by the SENCO in partnership with the family.

The content of the EHC plan should draw on the professional advice attached in Section K: Advice and Information.  A SENCo will have copies of all these reports, as will the parents or carers.  Recent research has found ‘where plans integrated the most relevant advice into the content of the plan itself, this was identified as good practice.' (EHCPlans A Qualitative Investigation)

I also argue that good practice would include an effective coproduction meeting to look at the Draft EHCP and to consider what does the listed special educational provision in the EHCplan look like in the child or young person’s school or college.’  

This is the key to successfully action an EHC plan.

Actioning an EHC Plan :

STEP 1:  Co-production.

Look very closely at Section F of theEHC plan at the co-production meeting:

Section F: The special educational provision required by the child or the young person
Regulation 12(1)(f) -Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014


1.    Consider the language used here, and clarify if terms such as ‘regular’, ‘often’, ‘access to’, or ‘when required’ are used.

2.    Consider the outcomes too, are they written in away that helps ‘Anna’ towards the achievement of her aspirations (Section A) ?

3.    It may be helpful to use this meeting to begin to identify steps that might be taken to move towards these outcomes.  

We need to get person-centred co-production right.

Next week my blog will consider...

STEP 2: Working with the appropriate staff to set steps and short-term targets for each outcome on the EHC plan.