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Outstanding SEN Support Plans: Business as Usual

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I love being asked what a high-quality SEN Support plan looks like.

In my experience, it isn’t asked enough.

In my previous roles, schools tended to ask me to help them submit a request for an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) assessment; rather than what a SEN Support Plan should look like. However, schools should start with the end in mind.  Setting up the processes which lead to and reflect the legal requirements of an EHC Plan, requires a robust SEN Support Plan system.

Most children and young people with SEN are within the SEN Support cohort and will remain in this cohort and should achieve their outcomes set in their plan.

Students within SEN Support should have a personalised provision plan which builds on strengths, is led by aspirations, and has SMART outcomes with associated short-term targets. A robust analysis of their needs is taken across the broad areas of need and significance provision to achieve the agreed outcomes for the student is provided. This work is vital to ensuring the end goals of the SEN Support Plan are met.

Not only does this ensure students with SEN are getting the high-quality support required by either the SEN or EHC plan, but this can also help save schools' time in the long run. Following this model within SEN Support means a lot of the work is already done in regards to the paperwork to be completed for a statutory assessment. It is no longer the overwhelming paper-led task that many schools describe it as.  

So, let’s not get distracted by the EHCP. For most children and young people, the ‘end’ will be a SEN Support Plan which ensures they prepare for adulthood in the optimal way. No half measures.  

Get your SEN Support outstanding, and the rest will follow.