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SENDit Welcomes Sir Peter Birkett

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We are delighted to announce that Sir Peter Birkett is now an ambassador for SENDit.

Sir Peter has worked tirelessly to ensure educational excellence for every child across the UK and he was honoured with a Knighthood by the Queen in 2012. He has recently been appointed Chair of the Educational Wealth Fund, leading its mission to create empowering and inspirational learning environments.

Sir Peter is an advocate for children with special educational needs and disabilities. His drive to achieve high standards for every child led him open Highgate Hill School in 2017, an independent school for children aged 5-16 with special educational needs.  

Situated in the middle of Devon and Cornwall, Highgate Hill School has a whole child approach to education and there is a real sense of warmth and community. Outdoor learning is embedded in the curriculum so children have a happy, positive school experience. They can choose to participate in a broad range of outdoor activities including climbing, horse riding and water sports.

The school received its first Ofsted inspection in October 2017, and was graded ‘good’ across all areas. This was followed by a successful ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) Regulatory Compliance Inspection in March 2020.

The school has also been shortlisted for five national awards, including 'New Market Entrant' and 'Education Business of the Year' at the 2018 Education Investor Awards, 'Special Needs Initiative' at the TES Independent School Awards 2019 and 'Employer of the Year' and 'Best Newcomer' at the Investors in People Awards 2020.

Sir Peter believes that a strong SEND management system is pivotal to delivering consistently outstanding provision. SENDit software has supported the teachers at Highgate Hill to deliver high impact provision through a deep analysis of children’s needs, by facilitating collaboration and by helping teachers to effectively manage their time.  

SENDit enables the teachers to track provision so that it is adapted as children develop and is continually driven by children’s outcomes and aspirations. The system aids the partnership working that is central to children’s achievement by enabling quick, efficient document sharing with parents and specialists.  

We are thrilled to be working in partnership with the headteacher and the SENCO team at Highgate Hill House School.  Our partnership will enable us to see first hand the impact SENDit is making to the lives of individual children whilst allowing us to fine tune and continuously improve our methodology as necessary.